Medical Malpractice 

VERDICT: $649,869.84

CASE -  Bernadin v. Steven D. Parr, D.O. and Paragon Contracting Services, LLC.

COURT - 19th Judicial District Circuit Court of St. Lucie County

JUDGE - A. B. Majeed 

DATE - 2019 

PLAINTIFF ATTORNEY(S) Gloretta H. Hall, Gloretta H. Hall, P.A., Stuart, FL, Attorney Jeffrey Rollins

DEFENSE ATTORNEY(S) - Eugene Ciotoli and Jessica Latour of Bobo, Ciotoli, White & Russell, P.A.

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS The case was filed in 2017 following Ms. Bernadin's June 2016 fall outside Tradition Medical Center following Dr. Parr's premature discharge of Ms. Bernadin from the emergency department. During the fall, Ms. Bernadin sustained neck and back spinal injuries that require surgery. The medical malpractice trial begin on 9/10/19 and continued until 9/26/19 in St. Lucie County when a unanimous jury returned a verdict of $649,869.84 in Ms. Bernadin's favor. As the prevailing party, Ms. Bernadin was also entitled to interest on this verdict amount until paid plus trial costs in excess of $50,000. This victory will allow Ms. Bernadin to have the spinal surgery her surgeon recommended years ago. Ms. Bernadin settled her claims against a previous defendant before this trial began.

Lead Counsel: Gloretta H. Hall; Second Chair: Jeffrey Rollins. This case was referred to me by a local attorney inexperienced in medical malpractice litigation.