Medical Malpractice

You may see the term “Medical Malpractice” on TV, in papers and magazines and elsewhere.  Certain attorneys may advertise that they accept Medical Malpractice cases.  But what are Medical Malpractice cases and how does a person know whether they, a friend, or family member might have a potential Medical Malpractice case?
Medical Malpractice is a branch of civil law as compared to others such as criminal law or family law.  Within civil law are different practices such as bankruptcy law, real estate law, probate law and more.
You wouldn’t go to an eye doctor, an ophthalmologist, if you broke a bone.  Instead, you would seek help from a bone doctor or orthopedist.  Likewise, if you were going through a divorce, you would not hire a real estate attorney.  You would choose a lawyer experienced in family law.
Attorneys who practice in the field of Medical Malpractice must be fluent in the language and internal mechanisms of the health care industry and health care providers.
Doctors often specialize in one specific branch of medicine, for example, cardiology, neurology, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology and so on.  Your Medical Malpractice attorney should be knowledgeable of the broad scope of health care practice because one never knows what medical or corporate issue may arise in a given Medical Malpractice case.
Although the saying, “No one is perfect”, is also true in the health care industry, all health care providers must adhere to the standard of care when providing health care.  Failure to adhere to this standard of care, or a health care “mistake”, in an instant can change a person’s life forever.  These health care mistakes may cause serious bodily injury and even death.
If you or a loved one was treated by a health care provider and was seriously injured, you may have a legal case requiring the assistance of an experienced Medical Malpractice attorney.
Attorney Gloretta Hall has extensive experience in screening, litigation and resolving Medical Malpractice cases by settlement or trial. Graduating with honors from nursing and law school laid the foundation that equip Gloretta H. Hall to resolve Medical Malpractice cases.
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